It is no secret that multiplicity of demands and their ever-escalating rate of expression are not very becoming, not even with Hollywood stars such as Katherine Heigl. It seems to have cost her smooth-sailing in terms of getting along with co-workers as observed in her exchange of un-pleasantry with co-star Sofia Vergara during their shoot for 2011 film New Year’s Eve where she was seen to be going on and on about her whining about the cold which scored her a snap from Sofia that Katherine should be thankful for her role. Naturally it didn’t go too well after that. places to eat . Earlier on, in 2010, her publicist for The Killers quit the job. Not surprisingly she wasn’t very eloquent on the reason behind her publicist resigning but it wasn’t difficult for many to deduce that her attitude had something to do with it.

While she was promoting her comedy film 27 Dresses, she showered the crew with pressing demands, that she is given biggest rooms, the mother to be there etc. So much so that she explicitly stated that her that needed the presidential suite, not leaving out an ounce of that self-entitled worth. The crew also found her very difficult to deal with on set with complaints regarding the wardrobe, questions about the script practically every day and refusing to get out of her trailer eventually costing good time with all this. Heigl has been rumored to have sabotaged her own career by blatant expressionism which also comprises of her rant to Vanity Fair regarding the evolution of her role in Grey’s Anatomy in a direction she did not appreciate. According to Heigl her role was simply molded that way to give a bit of a boost to the show ratings. Clearly she was not on board with the bigger picture here. ask the doctor It did of course limit her appearance on the show ultimately which naturally anyone would be upset about unless they actually wish to leave due to more pressing commitments or so. She was also reported to have commented publicly about how she had not been receiving a lot of work offers- many think her behavior on set and her inability to cooperate and make compromises has something to do with it, despite her undoubtedly great acting skills.

Heigl has had a good run of acting with her films mostly making it to the top of viewer charts and not many artists are able to pull this off in as effortless a style as she does when she actually puts her mind to it, however, the idea of her actually accepting and getting into the project with her heart and head in one place is where the trouble starts. There is amusing critique on this paradox of qualities but ultimately without compromise it is the stubborn that face the cost in an ever-changing world with more and more opportunities and cycling demands. Practicality thus triumphs and does not allow her to maintain a winner’s presence in the arena.

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